Student Leadership

Several students from Year 6 are elected each year to represent the school or to carry out particular functions at school assemblies or gatherings.


Honour Board


 School Captains

2017 Kayla Q             Ben P
2018 Caelen E  Sam K



Sports House Captains

Year House Captain Vice Captain
2017 Mulley (green)  Josip D  Mason H
  Dixon (blue)  Isaac B  Sarah L
  Streeton (red)  Oliver K  Katie E
  Hindmarsh (yellow)  Kaitlyn K  Joelene S
 Peer Leaders

 Mia M,

 Leira M,

 Caleb H

 Amelia L

 2018  Mulley (green)  Hannah K  Sophie M 
   Dixon (blue)  Maya W  Ema P 
   Streeton (red)  Jemma P  Dylan S
   Hindmarsh (yellow)  Alex M  Lara S
Peer Leaders

 Grace L

 Emily V

 Ruby F

 Angus C




Page updated: 11 December 2017