The St Jude’s Community Council consists of a variety of groups such as:


Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee gives a long-term commitment to raise a certain amount annually to help make projects possible. This commitment forms part of the Council’s long term strategy. In its work in fundraising and undertaking projects to improve the school they need to liaise closely with the Council to ensure goals are in line with the strategic plan. The Fundraising Committee may decide to set a levy for parents as an addition or alternative to fundraising.


The Fundraising Committee keeps the Council advised of its fundraising activities and seeks the Council’s support for their success.


Some of the ongoing fundraising initiatives at St Jude's include:


Fete Committee

This is the biggest fundraiser of the year and is held in March. The main aims of the Fete are to raise funds for St Jude's Primary School and build a sense of community through working towards a common goal. The Fete committee is supported by numerous dedicated stall holders who run their stalls with the assistance of generous volunteers.


Fete Committee Members:



Page updated: 2 May 2018