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Newsletters are issued on each Thursday during the term. The electronic edition of the newsletter will open in a new window using a PDF reader. Close that window to return to this window.

All care and effort is taken to remove the lastname from any child's name and any contact phone numbers on the electronic version of the newsletter. For details about the phone number required, consult the printed version of the newsletter or call the school office. If you discover a lastname or phone number that should be removed, please advise the school via email or phone as soon as possible.


Subscribe to the E-Newsletter

As a service, an email is sent to all parents and care givers advising of the availability of the newsletter via the website.  Parents and care givers are asked to subscribe to this facility; click here for instructions.


  Term 1  Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
Week Date  Date Date Date
1 6 February  1 May 24 July 16 October
2 13 February  8 May 31 July 23 October
3 20 February  15 May 7 August 30 October
4 27 February  22 May 14 August 6 November
5 6 March  29 May 21 August 13 November
6 13 March  5 June 28 August 20 November
7 20 March  12 June 4 September 27 November
8 27 March  19 June 11 September 4 December
9 3 April  26 June 18 September 11 December
10 10 April  3 July 25 September 16 December


 Newsletter Subscription via Email and Skoolbag

The school uses the Skoolbag application to notify all parents and carers of important information, such as the availability of the school's newsletter. If you wish to be part of this notification system, you will need to install the Skoolbag app onto your smartphone or tablet device. Optionally, you can also supply your email address to the school. Newsletters, notices and other information may only be available via the website in the future, so it is important to install the Skoolbag app and register your email address.

From 2015, we will no longer be using the Google Groups to advise you via email of important events or notifications. The Google Group will be deleted and all email addresses recorded in that group will be lost. If you wish to continue to receive alerts and notifications via email, please go to Skoolbag page on this website, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Subscribe for Email". Enter your address there.


Contact St Judes Newsletter mailing list coordinator

You may contact the school's newsletter mailing list coordinator by sending an email to     Do not send newsletter articles to this email address.