Extra Curricula

Extra curricula activities and learning experiences are on offer at St Jude's.


Josh de Smet Music and Art Scholarship

Josh de Smet was a teacher at St Jude’s Primary School from 2001 until his sudden passing at the end of Term 1 2005.  Josh loved music and taught music to all Infants grades.  His love of music will live on in the memories of the future generations of children attending St Jude’s through the awarding of an annual Scholarship.

Each year the Community Council donates money for a student in Year 2 to apply for this Scholarship. The money can be used to pay for instrument or singing lessons, or an interest in other areas of the Arts.  The successful applicant will be chosen by a committee and awarded this scholarship at the end of the school year. If your child is a current Year 2 student and would like to apply for this, please contact the front office for a nomination form.


Criteria for selection


In 2011, Ainslee L was awarded the Music Scholarship. Ainslee studies the piano.

In 2012, Ellen M was awarded the Music Scholarship. Ellen studies the piano.

In 2013, Jessica C was awarded the Scholarship. Jessica studies the piano.

In 2014, Ben M was awarded the Scholarship. Ben will further learn the about photography.  Ben has prepared a sample of his newly acquired skills. Click here to see his work (8.5MB file).

In 2015, Aeva D is awarded the Scholarship. Ava will further her singing skills.

In 2016, Anna M and Alexander K was awarded the Scholarship.