Reading Program


We all read! With excitement, enthusiasm, joy and trepidation! We all read!


Dear Parents and Carers


Thank you for visiting this page. At St Jude’s, we are striving to see our students leave our school, with a good knowledge of books and the type of reader they are. Our teachers are passionate about reading and endeavour to share this passion with your children.

All students across the school, K-6, are expected to read and record what they read each night. Our school homework policy stipulates reading as a major component. This requires a nightly commitment to reading from all family members to ensure your child receives the same message at home as they hear at school. And that message is… We all read! With excitement, enthusiasm, joy and trepidation! We all read!

Thanks to your response to the Book Christmas; Verna (our trusty librarian) for providing many titles, the school budget and the CE donation of books, all classrooms now have their own permanent library. These books range in ability levels and interest. We believe that in order to develop lifelong readers and to facilitate a love of reading, it is important that children have a choice in the material they read. A great range of books encourages and supports children to pick books that they wish to read.

The way in which our children choose the material they read is through the I PICK strategy. The teacher will guide your child on how to pick a book that is a ‘good fit’ for them. The teacher will discuss with your child the importance of picking a book that is not too hard and not too easy, but just right. If your child happens to come home with a book that sits outside of a ‘good fit’ we encourage you to discuss their choice and read it together or you read it to your child. Please refrain from using the language ‘This book is too hard for you’ or ‘You can’t read this’. This sends the message to your child that their choices are wrong and that they cannot read. Instead, read the book and cherish your time together discussing it. The purpose of this is to develop a greater enjoyment of reading for pleasure, rather than reading because you have too.

Whilst the teacher will still be undertaking Running Records to assist goal setting and progression monitoring, teachers will not be discussing levels with the children.

We want the children at St Jude’s to value reading, to foster a lifelong love of reading and to be engaged in readers. We encourage you to develop a reading routine in your household, where the focus is on the joy of reading (not just getting the book done) as well as establishing a feeling of success for each reader. We encourage you to keep the books for a few days and take the time to really enjoy them.   

If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to speak with your child’s teacher. We will also be running an evening workshop on igniting the passion for reading here at St Jude’s and you will be notified through the newsletter and school notes as to when this will happen.

The first of these will be on Tuesday 21 February, 2017 held in the school library.


Happy reading!

The St Jude’s Teachers





Page updated 10 March 2017