It is the practice of this school not to release the email address or mobile phone number of staff members.  In the first instance, you should direct your inquiries to the Office Manager of the ELC or the Primary School.  Arrangements are in place with regard to email address and mobile phone numbers for individual class teachers. 


Early Learning Centre Staff List

Staff can be contacted by phoning through and leaving a message with the ELC Office Manager. Alternatively, an email can be sent to and the Office Manager will direct your inquiry to the appropriate member of staff.



Mrs Gabrielle Adams

Pre-School Front Office Manager   Mrs Belinda Charles

Pre-School Class: Wombats


Teacher: Emily Holgate

Educator: Leah Moore

Pre-school Class: Joeys  

Teacher: Brodee Reynolds

Educator: Candy Fatiaki

Pre-school Class: Echidnas



Teacher: Bronwen Lewis

Educator: Candy Fatiaki

After School Care:  

Vivi Slatter

Before School Care:  

Hannah Beissner


Primary School Staff List

Staff can be contacted by phone. Please leave a message with the front office. Alternatively, an email can be sent to the front office who will forward it on to your child's teacher. Generally email correspondence is actioned outside of class times.

In the first instance, all correspondence must be sent to the front office (  


Principal   Mr Peter Galvin

Assistant Principal,

Indonesian Teacher


Mr Dan Fulton

Kindergarten CG  

Mrs Susan Chant (RE Coordinator)

Mrs Nicole Gibson

Kindergarten T  

Mrs Keryn Thiele

Year 1 H  

Mrs Shannon Henry

Year 1 S  

Mrs Catherine Smith

Year 1 B   Mrs Liz Bailey
Year 2 F  

Mrs Cathleen Feerick

Year 2 L  

Mrs Karen Leighton

Year 3 L  

Mrs Debbie Lynch

Miss Zoe Tsiouris

Year  3 OB  

Mr Tim O'Brien

Year 4 L  

Mrs Maggie Lloyd (Curriculum Coordinator)

Mrs Megan Rice

Year 4 KR  

Mrs Anna Kelly

Mrs Megan Rice

Year 5 H  

Mrs Sharon Hart

Year 5 L


Mrs Kathy Laudenbach

Year 6 S


Ms Angela Sallecchia

Year 6 SC


Mrs Anna Stincic

Music Teacher


Mrs Leanne Thomas



Ms Verna Comley

Assistant: Ms Kim Hekimian (Tue)

Indonesian Teacher

  Mr Dan Fulton (Assistant Principal)

Teachers P/Time


Mrs Lauren Orders

Miss Zoe Tsiouris

Learning Technology Specialist

  Mr Richard Kaltner
Learning Support Assistants  

Mrs Louise Randell

Mrs Charlotte Caceres

Mrs Carolyn Evenden

Mrs Jo Ratcliffe

Mrs Jane Wardale

Learning Support Teachers  

Ms Karen Western

Miss Katie Smith

Front Office

Administration / Finance


Mrs Natalie Hancock (Mon-Thur)

Mrs Sharrie Manera (Thur-Fri)

Canteen Manager  

Ms Kim Hekimian


Page updated: 22 February 2018