Lost Property

Lost Property

What to do when you have FOUND something:

Anything that is found can be placed in the Lost Property cupboard located near our school hall. Please put it in the supplied basket for sorting. If the basket is full, please leave items next to the basket – please do not just throw them in the cupboard.

What to do when you have LOST something:

Please check the Lost Property cupboard whenever you are looking for something that you have lost.


Each item that has a name on itwill be placed in a plastic bag with the name clearly printed on the outside and returned to the Lost Property cupboard.


Each item that has no name on it is placed in the appropriate box within the cupboard.

All unlabelled uniform clothing is kept separate and off-site. Please send me an email with as clear a description as possible of the item you are looking for and I will let you know if it has been found.

How to not lose something:

Finding your lost belongings will be made a lot easier if they are clearly labelled with your name. Also, including a contact number can be beneficial too.

Personalised Labels.

There are a number of companies that you can order personalised labels via the Internet or mail order. There are labels for clothing (iron on, sew on, permanent, semi-permanent, stretchable). There are labels for lunch boxes, lunch bags and drink bottles (large and small). There are bag tags for backpacks. There are even such things as shoe dots. There are probably labels for anything you can think of.


Most companies offer a wide variety of colours, allow you to include a telephone number and let you include a picture from their collection if you want.The following are the companies that I have used, ones that I have heard of and some that I have just found via a quick search:


www.identikid.com.au                   www.stuckonyou.biz             www.identitydirect.com.au

www.thatsmine.com.au                 www.labelmax.com.au           www.tagyourkids.com.au

www.labelkingdom.com.au            www.boscobear.com.au         www.brightstarkids.com.au



Don’t want to use Personalised Labels?

Using a good old permanent marker pen with a thin nib will do the job too. Your first initial, surname and maybe also a contact number will give a lost item a great chance at being reunited with it’s owner.

Please send any questions in an email to Helen Reardon on ckrmum@gmail.com.