Our school uses Skoolbag as one of the main ways of communicating with parents and care givers. The school asks you to search for and download the App from the relevant App Store and install it onto your phone or other portable tablet device.  Once installed, please go into Settings and subscribe to the class year levels you wish to be notified or just subscribe to all class year levels.

Search for 'Skoolbag Holder'

Search the iTunes App Store, the Google Play Store or the Windows App Store for 'Skoolbag Holder'.  The App is free to download. Instructions for downloading the App can be found by clicking this link: Skoolbag Instructions




Apple Store

Google Play Store

Windows App Store:


Setting Up Alerts

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, by default, the app does not subscribe to any alert categories. Please tap the MORE option, then tap SETUP and select the categories (ie. Year grades) for which you would like to receive alert messages.  Instructions for this process can be found here.


Parents can subscribe to various categories by tapping on "more" then "setup" in the app.


Page updated: 5 February 2018