Google Classroom


Copy the following:


Then click here to go to the Google Classroom sign on page.



Access to GMAIL System

To access the new system, click here or copy this link and paste it into a new browser window address bar:

In the username area, just type your username. There is no need to type in the bits after the @ symbol.

In the password area, type in the password allocated to you. You will find out what your password is during the first few weeks of term 1.

In the Diocese area, select Canberra-Goulburn from the list, or just press C until it reads Canberra-Goulburn.

When you are finished with emailing, remember to logout of the Gmail system and to close the web browser. This will assist in preventing someone other than you from accessing your emails.

Format of your username

Your username will be the first initial of your firstname followed by the first 5 letters of your lastname followed by 2 digits, usually 01, but may also be other numbers. If you have 5 letters or less in your lastname, then just use all letters in your lastname.

For example, the student with a name Jack Peters will have the username of jpeter01

Another example. Jude Law will have a username of jlaw01

Email address

Your new email address will have the format:

For example Jack Peters email address will be and Jude Law's email address will be

Guides to GMAIL system

If you want more information about the GMAIL email system, please follow the link:



Page updated: 14 February 2013