This page is for teachers. Selected resources are provided here to assist teachers with their work.  Resources have now been grouped into functional areas.


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Corporate CE 


Outlook Email - web access 

 Account Management

CE School Intranet  - check CE System calendar, contact CE Staff,

                                    view any other publications by or from the CE.

                                    (username: acgnet\firstname.lastname, password same as Outlook Web Mail)

G Suite     Google Drive for CE Staff Login


Employee Self Serve           

Teachers On The Net

Electronic Roll Marking             Attendance Codes (pdf)


CECNSW IP entry website: https://netid.cecnsw.catholic.edu.au/account/login.aspx 


iPad portal - CEO Intranet page (requries login for access)


Microsoft Office Portal - login using your teacher email address and your computer login if format firstname.lastname@cg.catholic.edu.au  The entire Office Suite of software is available online for you. You can also download it to your home computer.

Google Apps - use online storage, Docs and so on. Sign in as firstname.lastname and use your email password. Choose Canberra-Goulburn as the Diocese.


NAPLAN ONLINE - information about the NAPLAN test from 2017, how it might operate, what to expect.


NAPLAN Analysis 2017



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Corporate St Jude's


St Jude's School Intranet site (username: acgnet\firstname.lastname, password same as Outlook Web Mail)


Adobe PDF Converter PDF to Word    ConvertPDF


Understanding faith     see email about username and password, or consult the IT Staff Handbook (T:\ICT\Book) or the St Jude's Intranet, Documents, Understanding Faith for details about the username & password

OnTrack Reporting

Office Max Online Ordering -  ordermax.com.au


VMWare to access School Network 

Web Site Maintenance or here           Schoolzine


Pinterest - See the school's Intranet, Documents folder for the username and password to login.

IC&LT Service Desk

Wikispaces - St Jude's ICT Infrastructure Documents

Kyocera Fleet Services


Apple MDM Airwatch Admin Portal     

Apple Volume Purchase Program


Maths300        maths300.com      username: t17808

Origo Slate


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Professional Development


myPaD - my Professional Development Register - 

              The myPaD website is a CEO designed online record of your Professional Development.

               Login username: firstname.lastname, password same as Outlook Web Mail

               Add any details about the Professional Development training done. 

AITSL - Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership. Check out the Standards.

Teacher Quality Institute


Universal Student ID - Reigstration page to create your USI number

USI Portal - sign on page to login to check USI details.


Acara - Digital Technologies

Digital Technologies Hub - Education Services Australia. Unpacking the Digital Curriculum

Lego Education


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Programming Resources


Caritas Catholic Social Teaching - Values Education



Music Copyright - Mass This link you can use to gain copyright on songs used at Mass.  Type song title, result gives copyright code. Copy this code onto your powerpoint.

New Mass Organisation      

Liturgy Help - get assistance with preparing your mass. Requires username/password for access.

Scootle     part of the Catholic Network Australia Education Services.  Scootle is just a part of this terrific resource. Search for online content relating to a topic. Create a learning path for students to progress through using online objects.  Teachers must login to create a learning path. Students access the learning path using a PIN identifier. The PIN is generated by Scootle. Teachers must register on Scootle prior to using it. Click here to view the registration page for all staff at St Jude's Holder.


PETAA - Primary English Teachers Association Australia.  Details of the username and password to access this site are found on the St Jude's Intranet Site - Click Here to access or see your email for the username and password.


ALEA - Australian Literacy Educators' Association. Username and password can be found on the St Judes intranet site, ICT Network page.


Primary Connections - Unit outlines in word to copy data from; * IWB Resources linked to each Primary Connection unit; * Rubrics and other resources are periodically added to the site

Promethean - resources for the IWB.

Go Maths - Origo Education         

Go Maths Slate (Origo Education)

Reading Comprehension Download - Sheena Cameron wikispaces website


Quizzes, Surveys, Discussions: use Kahoot.it   or to build your own kahoot.it click here

Plickers is a great tool to multi-choice question/answer  plickers.com

Other Formative Assessment tools:  Pear Deck (peardeck.com)    Flipgrid (flipgrid.com)      Zaption (zaption.com)   Padlet (padlet.com)



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Save Youtube Clips - TubeChop - extract a segment of the Youtube video for embedding into web page

Video Downloader: KeepVid.com

Brainstorming Collaboration - answergarden.ch


Learning Support from CEO, Kel Hathaway and Steve Carter prepared this website.

Lots of great information: iPad Central


Google Hangouts


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Page updated 12 February 2016