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This page is just for teachers. It contains links to online resources.


Music Copyright - Mass

New Mass Organisation          Liturgy Planning

Scootle                                   Disability Education

CEO School Intranet             Outlook Email - web access                      St Judes School Intranet site (username: acgnet\firstname.lastname, password is password to the Outlook Web Mail)

Employee Self Serve             myPaD - my Professional Development portal

CEO REC Learning Technologies School Portal

Promethian                                                                    VMWare to access School Network

OnTrack Reporting                                                          Skoolbag

Primary Connections

My Professional Development Register                            LIFE is about learning

Teachers On The Net                                                       IC&LT Service Desk

Web Site Maintenance

Teacher Quality Institute                                                 AITSL - Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership

St Jude's Primary School - Intranet website

ImageOptimizer - reduce the size of a picture file for uploading to the web 

Go Maths - Origo Education          Go Maths Slate (Origo Education)

Reading Comprehension Download - Sheena Cameron wikispaces website

Save Youtube Clips - iLivid.com     TubeChop - extract a segment of the Youtube video for embedding into Life page

Brainstorming Collaboration - answergarden.ch


Learning Support from CEO, Kel Hathaway and Steve Carter prepared this website.

Lots of great information: iPad Central

Video Downloaded: KeepVid.com


Music Copyright for Mass

This link you can use to gain copyright on songs used at Mass.  When you go into link you put in the information and it will give you details to write onto powerpoint with the title.



New Mass Organisation


Liturgy Planning

Anthony has found a lost treasure at St Jude's! There is a brilliant website we subscribe to called Liturgy Planning and Liturgy Planning Images. Go have a look to help you with planning liturgies or prayer times (staff prayer as well) as well as prayer times at assemblies. The images websites has clipart as well as PowerPoints also. It is quite comprehensive and I hope it helps you out when preparing for your next liturgy/mass/assembly/staffprayer/classprayer!

The websites are www.liturgyplanning.com.au and www.liturgyplanningimages.com.au
The username is: anthony.oconnell1@cg.catholic.edu.au
The password is located on our CEO Intranet website, or see your email or Anthony for details.


myPaD - Professional Development portal

Login using your computer login to school and email.

Click here to access the myPaD portal.


OnTrack Reporting

can be found by clicking this link:



You may need to use the following to login to the website in order to gain access to the OnTrack Reporting website.

At the username prompt, type: firstname.lastname               where firstname.lastname is the name you would use to login to the Outlook email system.

Password: type the password you would use for access to your Outlook email system.




Scootle - part of the Catholic Network Australia Education Services.  Scootle is just a part of this terrific resource. Search for online content relating to a topic. Create a learning path for students to progress through using online objects.  Teachers must login to create a learning path. Students access the learning path using a PIN identifier. The PIN is generated by Scootle. The objects can be inserted into your Life page. Click here for instructions on how to insert a Scootle object into a Life iFrame.


Scootle Registration: Teachers self register on Scootle. Click here to view the registration page for all staff at St Judes Holder.


CEO School Intranet

CEO School Intranet - check CEO System calendar, contact CEO Staff, view any other publications by/from the CEO

Login using format of username: acgnet\firstname.lastname

Password is the computer password you use for Outlook Web Mail.


myPaD - Professional Development register

The myPaD website is a CEO designed online record of your Professional Development. This is not a place that will automatically record any PD you do. You will still need to login and add any details about the Professional Development training that you have done. 




CEO School Intranet Online - (login if required as: acgnet\firstname.lastname and use your Outlook Web Mail password) Atomic Learning is focused on promoting the practical application of ICT in education. The online training resources provide teachers with a library of short, easy-to-understand tutorial movies, and address how to apply new skills in the classroom.  Please login using format for all CEO School Intranet as listed above. Remember to logout of this website.


LIFE is about learning

The Learning Management System called: Life! is here.  You will need to login to the system using the prefix SJH_    followed by firstname.lastname     Notice the dot between firstname and lastname.

Your password will be given to you.  Click here to access the Life system.


CEO School Employment - Teachers on the Net

CEO School Employment - includes the latest employment advertisements from Teachers on the Net and includes the necessary applications forms you will need (website: https://intranet.cg.catholic.edu.au/employment).


Web Site Maintenance

ICT Services of the CEO are developing a web maintenance site for ICT coordinators and web managers. The site contains helpfiles, banners and web content.

The website to access will be: http://vault.cg.catholic.edu.au



 Promethian Planet

www.prometheanplanet.com/EmpoweredNSW - Promethian Planet IWB Resources: Login using your email address, username and password.


IWB Resources

To access the free colour-landscape activities:

Go to www.schoolcentre.com.au

Click on Search Option 1

Click the Landscape ‘check’ button (switch from portrait to landscape and back)

Click on any Activity number for any topic to view the activity in landscape mode


To access the free interactive web-tools:

Go to www.schoolcentre.com.au

Click on Search Option 1

Click the Portrait ‘check’ button

Click on any Activity number for any topic

Click on the Teacher Notes tab

Scroll down to view/click on web-tools linked to the activity

Sample web-tool:


Primary Connections

Click here: www.science.org.au/primaryconnections/

Some key areas:

* Unit outlines in word to copy data from
* IWB Resources linked to each Primary Connection unit
* Rubrics and other resources are periodically added to the site


Teacher Quality Insitute

Registration and other information available by clicking here: http://www.tqi.act.edu.au/