About St Jude's

In January 1972 His Lordship T V Cahill, Archbishop of Canberra Goulburn wrote to Reverend Father John O'Connor, Parish Priest of Koorowatha NSW, inviting Father O'Connor to become the Parish Priest of one of Canberra's newly formed parishes. Father John O'Connor's new parish comprised the suburbs of Duffy, Weston and Holder. The proposed name of the new parish was Sts Simon and Jude. However on Father O'Connor's suggestion it was simplified to St Jude's Parish, Holder. Sometime later, the parish of St John Vianney and St Jude's combined to form the new parish of St Jude and St John Vianney.


The construction of the school began in 1974. Sister Irmina from the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth Order was appointed the first principal. The first pupil intake was in January 1975. But due to delays in the construction program the staff and students were accommodated in shared facilities at Holy Trinity, Curtin. On 19th May 1975, St Jude's School, Holder, opened its doors for the first time to 142 enrolled children. On the 2nd November the Blessing of the School was performed by Archishop Cahill and official opening conducted by the Hon. Kim Beazley, Minister for Education. It was the beginning of a new era in the St Jude's Parish development and from the very beginning an atmosphere of love and caring existed in the school.

Between 2011 and 2012, the school was completely refurbished changing classroom configuration, replacing carpet and updating the technology infrastructure to allow the school to further grow with new enrolments. During 2013, the school accepted enrolments for 4 year-old children and in 2014 the Early Learning Centre was opened. In 2015, the school hall and the Mulleygrubs Canteen were refurbished.


Established by the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth in 1975 as a Catholic Systemic School which follows the guidelines and policies set down by the Catholic Education Commission of the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn. A close relationship between parish and school was seen to be of the utmost importance; therefore it was decided to adopt the same motto for the school and parish.

The Scroll and the Holy Spirit symbolise that St Jude wrote one of the epistles found in the New Testament. The club and axe are the implements of his death symbolising his martyrdom.

The motto: "Growth in Truth and Love" is a realistic goal for all at St Jude's to strive towards - growth in truth, the epitome of all learning and growth in love as the ultimate Christian ideal.

The Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth continued to teach and run the school together with dedicated lay staff until 1992 when Sister Jude retired. Since then the lay staff have continued the fine tradition of providing quality Catholic Education in Weston Creek under Principal Mrs Maria Wilkie, Mr Chris Bradley, Mrs Lesley Gray, Mr Mick Lowe (2003 -2009) and our current Principal Mr Cameron Reed.


The school experienced major growth years for the next decade and a half - the school grew in enrolments, academically, socially and spiritually. By 1980 the school reached it's peak enrolment with 476 students. Enrolments since that time have mirrored the changing demographics in Weston Creek including the new suburbs of Wright, Coombs and Denman Prospect. St Jude's is a vibrant community school providing quality education in the Catholic ethos to families in the Weston Creek and Molonglo areas.

St Jude's Catholic Church

It was decided in 1981 to build a parish church. Father O'Connor approached the task with enthusiasm and the support of parishioners. The first Mass was celebrated in St Jude's Church on Holy Thursday night 1982. The people of the parish had a complete faith community with church and school at its centre. Father Albert Harvas succeeded Father O'Connor as Parish Priest in 1995.

St Jude - The Saint

St Jude was an apostle and a cousin of Jesus. Jude bears the name "Thaddeus" which means amiable and loving. St Jude is usually represented wearing a picture of our lord on his breast. This custom stems from the miraculous cure of Abagaro, King of Edessa, a lepper. In Edessa, by his eloquent presentation of the Gospel, he converted many to Christ. Tradition states that he was beaten to death with clubs and a broad axe. His body was brought to Rome and is now honoured in St Peters Basilica.

Jude is the author of one of the letters in the New Testament. In his letter he warns listeners of false teachers and emphasises the importance of faith as the foundation of life.

Jude is also the Patron Saint of Hopeless and Desperate Cases. He has obtained many graces for his clients in grave necessities. His feast day is celebrated on 28th October.

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