Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish, Weston Creek/South Molonglo

We warmly welcome all new parishioners and visitors.

Parish Priest: Fr Michael Lim

Contact the parish via email on or (02) 8331 7611

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Mass Times:

St Jude's Church -                              St John Vianney's Church -                      

Saturday's 8.00am Sunday's 9.00am
Saturday Vigil 5pm Monday's 7.00am
Sunday's 5.00pm Tuesday's 7.00am
Thursday's 9.30am Wednesday's 9.30am
Friday's 7.00am


St Jude's Church

Saturday's - 4-4.45pm

Sunday's - 4.30-4.50pm

St John Vianney's Church

Sunday's - 8-8.45am

Baptism: by appointment. 2nd Sunday - St John Vianney's and 4th Sunday - St Jude's

Weddings: by appointment. 6 months notice should be given.

Page updated: 27 April 2021