Music and Arts Scholarship

Josh de Smet Music and Arts Scholarship

Josh de Smet was a teacher at St Jude’s Primary School from 2001 until his sudden passing at the end of Term 1 2005. Josh loved music and taught music to all Infants grades. His love of music will live on in the memories of future generations of children attending St Jude’s through the awarding of an annual Scholarship.

Each year the Community Council donates money for a student in Year 2 to apply for this Scholarship. The money can be used to pay for instrument or singing lessons, or an interest in other areas of the Arts. The successful applicant will be chosen by a committee and awarded this scholarship at the end of the school year. If your child is a current Year 2 student and would like to apply for this, please contact the front office for a nomination form.


  • The scholarship will be awarded annually
  • The amount of money will be determined by the School Community Council and, as a guide, the Scholarship money for 2020 was $400
  • The money for the scholarship will come initially from a foundation fund established in 2005 and shall be added to by the School Community Council each year
  • The recipient of the award must be a student of St Jude’s in Year 2
  • The award will be given to the chosen student after an application has been received
  • The award shall be decided upon by a sub committee of the School Community Council and school staff
  • Applications need to be handed in to the front office usually by around week 6 of term 4. The award will be made to the successful student prior to the end of the school year. The application is a two step process. Part 1 is to be completed at home by parents or guardians and Part 2 by the student at school supervised by a nominated teacher
  • The award winner will be asked to write to the School Community Council in the following year after receiving the award outlining how the money has helped in their music development. They will be asked to make a presentation to the assembly prior to asking for nominations for the following year

Criteria for selection

  • A current Year 2 student enrolled at St Jude’s for the next academic year 
  • Previous interest in the Arts (eg. already plays an instrument, displays an interest in music at school, participates in school choirs, displays an interest in other areas of the Arts) 
  • Displays an intention to further develop their skills and interest in their chosen area

Page updated: 10 September 2018