Mulleygrubs Cafe

Term 1 - 2020 - Mulleygrubs Cafe is CLOSED until further notice. So no canteen lunch orders, please!

The position has been readvertised and it closes Friday 14 February 2020. If you know of anyone who might be interested in this position they can see the position advertised on these platforms:


View the Mulleygrubs Cafe menu by clicking here

Mulleygrubs Cafe is open on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for lunch and recess. Canteen helpers are always required to assist with the preparation of lunch and serving at the counter.

Our canteen has a nutritious, wholesome menu of delicious lunchtime meals and snacks.   

Mulleygrubs Cafe Menu

Please clearly label all lunch orders with your childs name and class. See menu.


Please remind your child that if they have a STAMP or STICKER on their lunch bag that they need to RETURN to the canteen to collect their food items.


VOLUNTEERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME – please contact the school if you are able to assist or contact on 6288 7688.  Email to for offers of help.


How to order your lunch


Please follow the format below when ordering lunches.


Frank Maday 2D
salad sandwich 3.00
cheese stick 0.60
plain milk 1.50
Total $5.10

Lunch meals now available.


Have a child celebrating a birthday at school? Order a class party deal from the canteen.

Birthday Party deals available. Click here for the menu.


  • Correct change is appreciated.
  • Please place money in bag making sure it can't fall out. Please do not use sticky tape or staples.
  • If change is required it will be taped to the front of the lunch bag.
  • Please note that we will always endeavour to fill your child/children's lunch orders. However, in the event that an item is unavailable, we will let your child know and substitute it for something similar.
  • If there is insufficient money in the lunch order, a note will be sent home requesting payment.
  • Lunch bags are available for 10c.


Please place the lunch order in the tub near the shelter shed before school. Lunch orders will not be accepted after 9:30am, however, children who have a lunch order and forget to hand it into the canteen at the right time will receive a sandwich.

Order your lunch online using Qkr! by Mastercard. Qkr! orders close at 8am Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Please remember to order at paper bag with your Qkr! lunch orders. Please click here for smart device download information.