Mission and Prayer

Our Mission

Through the presence of Jesus Christ the St Jude's community believes in educating spirit, mind and body to embrace today and meet the challenges of the future.

At St Jude's we:

  • accept Christ as our model, inspiring our beliefs, thoughts and actions;
  • believe in education in faith in the Catholic Tradition;
  • value the uniqueness of each person in a loving, inclusive and secure environment;
  • promote an active partnership between parents, carers, Parish, school and the wider community, in which each person feels a sense of pride and dignity;
  • celebrate the challenges, excitement and love of teaching and learning in an ever changing world;
  • assist children to make informed choices recognising that these are linked with responsibilities;
  • provide opportunities for a high standard of education through a variety of teaching strategies and learning experiences.

School Prayer

Father in heaven, we, the family of
St Jude's School,
ask You to unite us all in love,
truth and courage.
We want to love You and each other.
We want to learn the truth that
Jesus taught us.
Give us the courage to live good lives.
Help us to treat each other as
special members of our special family.
Create a close bond between
pupils, teachers and parents.
Give us pride in our school
and may our school
always be proud of us.
We thank You for being our Father
who gives us life and love.