Staff Members

The staff at St Jude's Primary School are highly qualified, dedicated and committed members of the school community. It is the practice of this school not to release the email address or the mobile phone number of staff members. In the first instance, you should direct your inquiries to the Office Manager of the Primary School. The office manager will then forward your email to the appropriate staff member for action.

Note that teaching staff are generally unable to respond to your email during normal school teaching hours. For urgent matters please contact the school office by telephone (02 6288 7688) or by email 


Cameron Reed

Assistant Principal

Kerrin Henderson
Religious Education Coordinator

Brigitta van Deas

Curriculum Coordinator

Kerri Kerr

Curriculum Coordinator

Brendan Mitchell

Kindergarten K F

Cathleen Feerick

Kindergarten K B

Deanne Beroukas

Year 1 LC

Mandy Cowley

Year 1 B

Jessica Betterton

Year 2 E

Lachie Eveston

Year 2 S

Emily Stopp

Year 2 T

Keryn Thiele

Year 3 R

Emily McKenzie-Kay 

Year 3 S

Catherine Smith

Year 3 M

Brendan Mitchell

Year 4 KH

Amandeep Kaur / Kerrin Henderson

Year 4 G

Nicole Gibson

Year 4 C

Claire Chater

Year 5 S

Anna Stincic

Year 5 L

Kathy Laudenbach

Year 6 VS Brigitta van Deas / Angela Sallecchia
Year 6 T

Zoe Tsiouris

Year 6 K Jake Kucher
Indonesian Teacher

Debra Reed


Verna Comley

Library Assistant

Sharrie Manera

Learning Technology

Richard Kaltner

Learning Support Teachers

Kerri Kerr

Linda de Salis (Numeracy)

Learning Support Assistants

Charlotte Caceres

Jo Ratcliffe

Robyn Eldridge

Justine Smith

Hannah Griffiths

Luke Palisi

Megan Nelson

Office Manager - Finance and Administration

Natalie Hancock (Monday - Friday)


Renee McKee (Wednesday - Friday)


Katrina Howden (Wednesday - Friday)

Eduction Support Dog

Judy the Cavoodle

Updated:  August 2023