Involvement and Participation



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St Jude's values parental involvement and participation.

There are many opportunities for parental involvement in the school. Parental involvement enhances learning experiences for the children and builds the sense of community at the school, reinforcing the relationship between teachers, parents and students. Each parent is valued for his/her gifts, talents and skills.

There are many different opportunities for parents to be involved in the school community:

  • Parents are encouraged to support the social and fundraising acivities of the Community Council.
  • Parents can join the Community Council or become involved in planning special events such as the school fete.
  • Assisting within the classroom through reading, writing, art and craft, music, dance, library, information technology, sport and the gross motor skills program (for Kindergarten and Year 1).
  • Helping to change readers for those children on the reading program.
  • Assisting with coaching/managing the school netball teams and a range of other school sports programs and teams.
  • Helping out with school sports carnivals through out the year and joining children on school excursions.

Class Parent Representative

The role of class representative involves some of the following:

  1. Term 1 – organise a class contact list.
  2. Organise at least one social function per term but this can coincide with other social functions organised by the school.
  3. Welcome new families and farewell leaving families.
  4. Help the children celebrate your class teacher’s birthday.

Page Updated: 17 June 2021